Tail Unit (Mark II Series)

Tail Unit (Mark II Series)


After countless messages asking for the signature tail unit of our Mark II Series, here it finally is.

Hand made by industry’s leading specialists, the cowling comes in highest durability FRP used in aeronautical engineering. Thus it is extremely rigid, yet light – the only combination we are comfortable in using on our signature bikes.

The cowling is laminated from two pieces using Autoclave, leaving the bottom of the cowling closed for a super clean look characteristic for our Mark II Series.

It comes primed and ready to leave for paint.

Optionally you can get a hand made fiber glass seat pan as well. Again the quality on this piece is unmatched. It lays onto the cowling perfectly and leaves 1mm of space around all edges for the upholstery, so the finished seat fits like a glove.

Also we would highly recommend getting the Mark II Series rear light as well as the signature indicators to go with it, since we’ve built the cowling prototype to work with these specific components. But if you have other plans for it – that is perfectly fine as well.

A: 470mm
B: 240mm
C: 185mm
D: 140mm
E: 35mm

We do know this is not a bargain – but it certainly is worth every penny. That we promise.

TÜV approved.

Made to order.

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